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ChoraleWeb2014We Believe…that in a world of political, economic and personal disintegrations music is not a luxury but a necessity — not simply because it is “therapeutic,” nor because it is the “universal language,” but because it is the persistent focus of intelligence, aspiration and goodwill.

We Believe…that music is always a community enterprise. The solo performance does not exist. Even its creation is an attempt to communicate, and every performance an effort to unite the minds of people even of different generations.

We Believe…that music is one art. The chorus, the symphony orchestra, the virtuoso recitalist and the string quartet are not competitive “attractions” for the public fashion in patronage, but are instruments of a single craft with similar responsibilities.

We Believe…that music is peculiarly a doer’s art, and its benefits are in direct proportions to active participation.

We Believe…that it is the performer’s business to get out of the way of music. The craft is to “reveal — not to interpret.”

We Believe…that the choral art stands in a unique position to be of service to humanity and music because it offers the most immediate and accessible avenue of active participation.

And We Believe…that the choral instrument should assume a position of respect and musical responsibility commensurate with the distinction of its literature and comparable to that of the major professional orchestras. (taken from the “Creed” of The Collegiate Chorale, Robert Shaw, conductor)